Keeping Hawaii Clean Since 2001


Cornerstone has adopted many techniques to be compliant with the EPA’s Clean Water Act. We have different vacuum systems for a variety of jobs. We carry berms and water dams to redirect wash water to our catchment areas. With our water filtration system and oil water separator we can reuse the captured wash water thus being earth friendly.


We have completed storm water Best Management Practices for Exterior Washing with the Department of Health and have a discharge permit through the state. With our training, equipment, and expertise we can accommodate your cleaning in a “green” environmentally friendly way.


Waste Water Recovery has been at the forefront of our practices.  Cornerstone has lead the way in reclaiming wash water and being compliant with the EPA and the Storm Water Branch. Our equipment allows us to be portable or for the bigger jobs a trailer mounted vacuum system with oil water separations. Let us partner with you in being compliant with your next cleaning.

Water Catchment