Keeping Hawaii Clean Since 2001


Solar panels are big in Hawaii with good reason, our sun and tropical weather is a great source to provide electricity for your home or business. Unfortunately, the downside to this  tropical environment, comes mildew and mold spores that grow on your photovoltaic array or hot water solar panels. Also, in dusty areas or locations close to highways, there can be a build up of soot or dirt that can hinder the full performance of your PV system. This mildew, soot, mold and dust can dim the sun's light on the photovoltaic modules resulting in a decrease of efficiency in energy production.


Cornerstone techs can provide a cleaning service using a mild solution and a thorough wash down at a low pressure using a specially designed system. Because of our experience in roof cleaning, we are experienced in how to walk on all of Hawaii’s different types of roofing, as well as having a proper safety plan for the job. Whether it is a commercial or residential unit, give us a call for an inspection.

Solar Panels