Keeping Hawaii Clean Since 2001


Residential House Wash

Here at Cornerstone, we are experts at using the correct cleaning application and techniques for your cleaning needs. Mildew, soot, and red dirt are Hawaii’s main enemies of a beautiful home.


We clean your home similar to how an auto detailer would clean your car, by using the right cleaning solutions and brush agitation for the specific stains, mildew, soot, and other undesirable substances on your house.


We focus on 3 types of pressure washing services for the exterior of residential houses. The first service is before selling your house. Increasing the desirability and value for potential buyers. The next is maintaining your home between paint jobs. The third service focuses on preparing your home for a new  coat of paint.


We also offer roof, driveway, sidewalks, stone, or pool deck cleanings. You can also include window washing to your list of things we clean on your house.


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