Keeping Hawaii Clean Since 2001


Pre-Cleaning Preparation

 It is a very important part of our service to prepare the area prior to cleaning. Sometimes this includes moving around outside furniture and other fixtures for their protection and thoroughness of the cleaning. We also cover electrical outlets, tarp off areas and items, such as plants, cars, ponds, AC units, etc. We take extra care and consideration in our pre-cleaning preparation like masking off a window that won’t close.


We use Blue Painters tape (removes without damaging the surface it adheres to) on doorways or areas where leaks might occur for protection of sensitive areas and items. Dust shields are occasionally used to prevent water overspray.


We have seen a lot of different situations and conditions. Part of the inspection of the job site is to plan on how to prepare the area and best management practices to clean your location. Our crew is trained and experienced in assessing and applying the techniques and solutions best for each cleaning situation. Gives a call today for an inspection including a fair and professional quote.